Dosage holds a lot of importance when you plan to take any medical formulation. This is because to treat different types of illnesses, different amount of medical product is required. The same is the case with CBD.

This therapeutic compound can help you get relief from a wide range of health conditions that includes depression, joint pain, insomnia, anxiety, stress, epilepsy, skin issues, and more. If you are unclear about CBD dosage and want more clarity on it, then read this article.

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What is the method to measure doses?

The most precise way for the determination of CBD dosages is milligrams. This is the method that enables people to compute as well as monitor how CBD impacts the symptoms in the body. It will help you understand ways to increase as well as reduce future doses of CBD. A dropper is one of the best ways to calculate the CBD dosage.

Pre-measured CBD doses are available in various forms that include CBD capsules, CBD edibles, CBD beverages, CBD gummies, CBD applicators, etc. It provides a pre-measured serving that provides you the most precise way to dose CBD. Some of these methods enter quickly into the blood whereas the other methods take time.

How does Bioavailability affect CBD dosing?

The method in which you consume a CBD product can quickly impact how much CBD enters the system. The oral form of CBD consumption in the form of capsules, gummies, etc. offers 10% to 20% bioavailability.

On the other hand, topical CBD products such as sprays and lotions have about 34% to 36% bioavailability after ten minutes. Tinctures when applied underneath the tongue provide around 13% to 19%.

What is the ideal dose for you?

Now that we have understood how to measure CBD dose, and bioavailability of different CBD products, now let us see the recommended dose of CBD.

  • A majority of health experts recommend starting with the dose of around 1mg to 6 mg per 10 pounds of your body weight. Though the actual determination of CBD dose depends on the signs of the body ailment with which you suffer.
  • Epidiolex, a prescription CBD medication for the treatment of epilepsy, is prescribed at 2.5mg per kg per body weight, two times a day, for epilepsy.

How to buy a CBD product?

It is advised to choose only reputable vendors to buy CBD Consider organic brands that provide you a certificate of analysis that proves that the product is tested by 3rd party labs. This way, it ensures that you get the right CBD concentration that you pay for.


So, when you have decided to incorporate CBD into your diet, consider the above information to determine the CBD dosage you need. For the best results, you need to also choose superior quality CBD products.