Technology advancement that has led to social media growth and the internet has changed lifestyles a great deal. Many people spend almost 50% of their time on social media and chatting. If you’re not careful, your life may become too preoccupied and that can significantly affect your productivity and health. With good mental health, you’ll be more productive and have a happier outlook on life.

Apart from exercise and diet, which are suitable for your physical health, reorganizing your room can significantly improve your mental health.

  1. Decluttering

When you leave your stuff scattered everywhere, you could get more anxious and over-stimulate your brain. You may begin to feel disorganized. You can make your room organized by ensuring that every item is put in a designated space.

If you have items that you have not opened or used for a while, you can throw them away. Leave your trash can open, so garbage doesn’t pile up.

Your clean clothes should be folded and put away, not just pile up on your bed or chair. Donate clothes you haven’t worn for months; that frees up some quality space and makes your room and closet a bit tidier.

2. Rearranging Your Room

Once in a while, it’s good to makeover your bedroom a bit. You can move your bed to a new position, for example. You can have it near a window, for a change, where there’s a fair amount of light. The morning sunlight will always boost your mood in the morning and you will have a positive day.

Rearrange the furniture to create more space. That will give you a different perception of your room.

3. Check Color

Modern color psychology posits that the color you choose in your room will affect your mood. You may not be very good with colors, but there’s always that one color that adds to your energy. Some people feel relieved by staying in an environment that’s donned with green. Green is a color of nature and that has a way of spicing up everything. Get an expert to see how you can mix colors so that your room looks more appealing.

4. Make It More Natural 

Your mood will change if you spice things up a bit. Some indoor plants can help you achieve a lively room while improving your overall health. One of these plants is the aloe, which has succulent leaves and is perfect for clearing toxins from your room. You can put it near a window, for example.

Spider plants are a great addition to the bedroom and don’t require much attention. They are very resilient and perform well in dry soils and areas with indirect sunlight. Chrysanthemums thrive near windows as well and will add more color to your room. You can get these in a multitude of colors.

5. Photos and Art

You may have some photos taken at the beach or any other place that you regard highly. You should get a good photo frame for them and place them strategically throughout your bedroom. Another good way to brighten up your room is to have some paintings or professional photographs. These are some of the bedroom design ideas that will brighten your room.

Your bedroom is what sets your mood and the place you go to after a long day’s work. Having the right things in place will help boost your mood, evoke calm and relaxation, contributing to your overall mental health.


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