How many of you are taking antidepressants to cure depression?

Most of the people consider the antidepressants as dangerous drugs that not only affect your body but also degrade your current problem.

There are online medical stores that give you all your over-the-counter medicines with home delivery option. The Canadian Pharmacy is also available for prescription-based medicines that you can buy after getting a valid prescription from your doctor.

However many depression patients stay away from antidepressants because of numerous myths about these drugs. So, here are some common myths about antidepressants that you should know and clear the doubts.

Antidepressants Lets you Forget your Problems: There is nothing like taking antidepressants will take you to another world and will make you forget all your pain and depression. Instead, it gives you the potential to fight the problem and make you mentally strong to build positive perception. Many therapists recommend these drugs to cure your depression and bring you to normal mode. However, it is not recommended for use without medical assistance.

Antidepressants Cause over Weight Problem: It’s a common belief that regular intake of antidepressants causes increased weight that result in obesity. You should remember that like every other drug, antidepressants are too made from chemicals which might have a side effect on some people. Further, these side effects can cause the overweight problem to some of the patients, but this doesn’t apply to all the patients of depression.

Antidepressants Decrease your Sex Appeal: Like other drugs, the antidepressant too has some effect on your sexual life that may enhance or decline. However, this doesn’t mean the problem is common and affects all the patients. Many patients have witnessed positivity in libido, whereas many patients have claimed negative results. So, it depends upon whether the drug suits your body or not.

Antidepressants Cause Suicidal Feelings: You might have heard of this myth that frequent intake of antidepressants is a common reason for having a suicidal feeling, which is not at all true. The suicidal feeling is directly related to depression, which is curbed with the right dosage of antidepressants. So, it’s false to link the increased suicidal feelings due because of antidepressants.

Antidepressant is an Addictive Drug: Not any drug is addictive, until you continue its consumption for long, without getting proper treatment and checkup from time to time. If you quit these drugs too early, you can easily omit the addiction symptoms, however, it may become a problem if you intake it for a long period. Further, you have many signs that can give you a clear sign about your addiction which can also be considered to quit its intake.

Many other myths also survive among the people who are not aware of these drugs and hence spread false information. That’s the reason why you should always grab maximum knowledge about any problem and then react accordingly. Depression is one such problem and antidepressants are effective solutions but ensure to get a prescription before you start the medication.