There are many benefits of retiring in Florida. Many people already know most benefits, but there’s a few that you might not have known or did not think about. For those who have a little extra cash at the time of retirement, you’re going to want to know some benefits you might qualify for. Florida is one of the best places in the United States to retire. Many celebrities have a home in Florida due to the savings and benefits. Florida is one of the few states that have no income tax. It also has no death tax and no inheritance tax. There are special benefits regarding your assets, which changes from person to person. Speak to your tax professional to get the benefits for your specific situation.

If you do purchase a home in Florida, there are some exemptions. One is called the homestead exemption where you can get as much as $50,000. In addition to this exemption, some residents age 65 and older could also obtain an additional $25,000. This type of benefits attracts many people such as athletes, celebrities, lawyers, and real estate attorneys.

Many people strive to have a Florida active retirement lifestyle. It is a destination for everyone, you can do things like golf, watersports, fishing, bike rides, and boating. Staying active as you get older will keep you healthier and happier. Another feature is it is a vacation destination. Your family and friends can come visit and go to places like Disney World and Universal Studios. Florida is an easy destination to travel to as it has direct flights to many locations in the United States.

Another benefit of retiring in Florida is the healthcare opportunities that are available. There are many providers, which will give you many options to choose from. Having such a variety is a great benefit due to the competition, which benefits the quality of health care in the entire state.

Florida has one of the highest numbers of continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) in the country. Continuing care retirement communities help people in retirement by securing their finances to be able to get future healthcare needs. You do not need to wait until retirement to have one. Many people with life care plans can prepay for healthcare.

Florida is one of the most sought out options for retirement. Many people flock there due to its sunshine, and beaches. People who live in Florida are known to have a carefree lifestyle that many people want to strive for in their life. The climate is one of the best in the country, which is why it has the nickname “The Sunshine State”. No matter where you live you will be able to find water. There are beaches, lakes, and canals. It also has the highest percentage of people aged 65 and over of any state. With all the benefits and advantages of retiring in Florida, the state will continue to be a popular retirement destination for a long time.