Since the beginning of coronavirus, you may have come across information about a certain food, drugs or other methods claimed to cure or stop coronavirus. Even though these are not tested, many people have ended up trying all methods and believing every piece of information that comes in regard to curing or preventing COVID-19. The fact is, so far there is no cure for the virus. However, governments across the world are vaccinating their citizen with the aim of lessening the effects or spread of COVID-19. This article has exposed some of the myths going around regarding COVID-19 and their adjacent facts.

  1. Flu and Pneumonia Vaccines Protect Against COVID-19

There have been rumors that the vaccines used to prevent flu and pneumonia are also effective in averting COVID-19. According to scientists, these vaccines do not provide any protection against the virus. However, getting the vaccination is vital for everybody above 6 months. This reduces the risk of getting infected, considering that the most vulnerable people are the old and sick.

  1. The New COVID-19 Vaccines are not Safe 

Many people have come up with the belief that the vaccination against coronavirus has negative effects on the body. Even with the rapid COVID-19 testing and vaccination, a lot of people have refused to come out and get vaccinated. The fact is, COVID-19 vaccinations are safe and have gone through several testing to prove their safety. The trials have shown effectiveness even in people with various conditions. However, many people are afraid because of the symptoms that come after the vaccination. The assurance is, these symptoms are mild and do not pose any danger to the body.

  1. Hot and Low Temperatures Kill the Virus

According to various people, the coronavirus dies when exposed to a temperature of about 25 C. others believe that you cannot get infected in areas with cold weather. The truth is, hot and low temperatures do not kill the virus or prevent infection. You can easily get infected in hot, cold, humid, or sunny weather. Taking a very hot shower will also not prevent the same since your body temperature remains constant regardless of the external environment.

  1. Spraying and Drinking Alcohol Can Cure COVID-19

Some individuals believe that spray or drinking a lot of alcohol will help in preventing and curing COVID-19. This is just a myth. Even if the recommended sanitizers people are using contain the alcohol element, it is not an indication that liquor cures covid-19. Spraying or drinking alcohol cannot cure the virus already in your body. What you must know is that you could harm your mouth and eyes should the substance come into contact. Sanitizers are used for preventing the virus and disinfecting surfaces but not to cure COVID-19.

  1. Antiretroviral Drugs for HIV are effective in Treating COVID-19

No matter how much people would like to believe this, the fact is ARVs do not treat COVID-19. There is no evidence that these drugs have been effective in curing the virus. So, if you have HIV, it is important you continue taking the drugs to boost your immune system. Also, do not share the drugs with any other individual with the aim of preventing or treating COVID-19.

Final Thoughts

Before this pandemic ends, you will come across many myths. Unless there is evidence and the information is approved by the authority, shun it off. The best way to stay safe is by following government protocols and staying informed.