Non-Invasive facelifts have been available for decades, but many people still aren’t sure about them. Can non-invasive facelift treatments actually improve your appearance? Well, let’s find out!

There are two different kinds of non-invasive facelifts. The first is called testosterone replacement therapy, which simply means that you take synthetic hormone therapy, which is a form of medicine. You take this to replace the levels of testosterone that are missing in your body. It works by restoring cartilage damage, tightening and stretching facial muscles, as well as smoothing out your skin.

This kind of non-invasive facelift works because it tightens the skin where the problem resides, making it firm and reducing any saggy skin. It also increases the amount of collagen and elastin that your skin has, so your face becomes smoother. Many who try this method of treatment find that it works remarkably well. However, there are also those who experience some mild side effects, such as swelling and minor bruising.

The second kind of non-invasive facelift Woodlands is called injectable collagen gel. This is actually a form of medicine that you are able to administer by way of a needle. Collagen is actually a natural protein that makes up your connective tissues. When you are younger, your body produces plenty of it, which means that your facial muscles are tight and firm.

As you get older, however, your body stops producing as much collagen, which leads to sagging and drooping facial muscles. This kind of non-invasive facelift involves using a thin plastic tube to administer the gel, which then travels deep inside your cheek and onto the targeted facial muscles.

A lot of people believe that the results from this kind of non-invasive facelift last for a long time, but in reality, they do not. The reason for this is because the gel is made up of a highly-articulate protein, and because it is a protein, it needs to be introduced deep into the skin. Since this type of non-invasive facelift is just that – non-invasive, you can expect that you will need quite a few treatments in order to achieve the best possible results. In fact, most people find that their results decrease over time – but you can never get too many treatments, since each treatment lasts only about fifteen minutes or so.

There are other non-invasive facelift options, such as using a TENS unit or the more traditional laser technology. TENS is exactly what it sounds like: a small electronic pad that delivers electric pulses to the skin. These pulses are generally conducted through the skin itself and can give you fantastic results, as well as some mild discomfort. Laser technology has also become quite popular in recent years, with many patients achieving excellent results with a fraction of the cost.