There are things to keep in mind near your delivery, yet you need to give importance to the blood collection from a tube that connects the baby to the mother. Cord fluid is rich in stem cells and can be used in the future if the baby develops any disease.

Initial Procedure

Firstly, you must confirm from the hospital where you have an appointment for delivery to perform cord fluid collection procedures. Some hospitals do not provide such facilities, and some must be informed before delivery that you require cord blood collection. Next, you need to check the website of a stem cell banking service provider. You can know Lifecell costs storage through websites. After purchasing a package, you will get a collection kit from the cord blood bank. Most kits can be stored at room temperature; however, they must be checked for directions. Kit must be sent to the delivery center.

On Delivery Procedure

When the mother is admitted for delivery, her blood is tested. After the birth umbilical cord is cut and clumped, the doctor will extract the blood from the umbilical cord and put it in the collection bag placed in the kit. Parents need to call the organization to arrange a transfer of kit from the hospital to the bank.

Processing of Kit

The blood banking organization will collect the kit from the hospital. The equipment is quickly processed so that stem cells remain undamaged. The sample is tested for contamination and infections. During the testing phase, the blood is also processed for reduction of RBC values. Immune cells and stem cells are isolated as they are of importance.

Annual Fees

Depending on the organization, you will have to pay annual storage fees to the cord blood bank. They charge this payment for the maintenance and storage of immune and stem cells. In case of a one-time lifetime payment, you don’t need to worry about annual costs.


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