One of the best ways to enjoy your freedom and peace is riding a bicycle and discovering your happiness. You can say that the bicycle is the most civilized conveyance loved by humans. Whether it’s raining or the sunshine is striking, a bicycle lover will prioritize cherishing the joy of riding it. Meanwhile, you are spinning the paddles; you would be seeing the world moving around along with it. This is the reason why bicycle riding is considered a pleasurable and amazing form of transport.

Why Is Cycling Good?

You would admire to know that while cycling, some happy chemicals, including serotonin and dopamine, are released. The release of serotonin, which is a mood neurotransmitter, gives positive feelings and boosts confidence, while dopamine makes you feel fresher. Millions of riders enjoy their bicycle ride as it gives the experience of flying without wings. Let us introduce you to Dr. Richard Nahas Ottawa-based doctor, who is a physician and uses integrative medicine to treat pain and heal the brain. He is constantly involved in developing tools to measure the outcomes of Complementary and Alternative Medicine therapies. In his free time, Richard Nahas shows his passion for riding a bicycle. Many top physicians like Dr. John M Brown recommend bicycle riding.

Health Benefits Of Cycling

How interesting it would be going on your cycle, cherishing the adventure buzz and moving downhills exploring nature. Cycling should be included in your physical fitness routine as it builds up your stamina for intense activities. Unlike other physical activities, cycling makes you more time-efficient. All your major muscle groups are consistently exercised while you keep on paddling. The perks of riding are abundant; you should include cycling in your hobbies. It’s a healthy, fun, and easy low-impact exercise that will help in improving physical and mental health. Read further to know about the additional health benefits of regular cycling.

  • Help In Improving Cardiovascular Fitness

Heart attack, stroke, heart failure, arrhythmia, or heart valve complications are common cardiovascular problems faced by people. As of a study in 2018, it was concluded that 30.3 million adults in the U.S. were affected by heart diseases. Regular cycling greatly improves the functioning of the heart and facilitates blood flow. Compared to other means of transportation, it doesn’t contribute to rising air pollution levels. That’s why it will help in improving lung function as well.

  • Help In Maintaining A Healthy Weight

You can lose kilos of weight by regularly exercising and burning fats. If you are at the borderline of getting obese, you should go cycling. Time and intensity can vary depending upon your capacity, but cycling will be the most comfortable way to boost metabolic rate. Even research has proved that steady cycling can help in blowing out up to 1200 kilojoules or 300 calories per hour.

  • Prevention To Injuries

Unhealthy bones and muscles raise the chances of getting injured badly. If you don’t want to stress your joints more, cycling is an ideal form of exercise that will help you to cope up with bone injuries or arthritis. This activity helps in maintaining balance and coordination. You can enhance your quality of living with reduced joint pain and stiffness.


Cycling is eco-friendly. Many diseases or complications related to bones and muscles are prevented with this activity. It makes your mind feel refreshed, ultimately reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Kick out your physical limitations by cycling regularly.