Many users favor recreational marijuana due to its high sensation. The main component in this type of cannabis is THC which isn’t very well tolerated. It’s then advisable to know the right dosage and what works for you. However, this requires time and effort and perhaps trial and error-which can be dangerous.

What are the dosing considerations for various cannabis products?

There are different Recreational Marijuana products, and your choice determines much you should consume. The products to consider are;

  1. 1. Flower

Weed flower offers quick onset of effects, and you expect to experience the high effects within minutes after inhaling the smoke. You’ll also determine whether you’ve consumed too much very quickly. However, the high peaks after about 30 minutes after use and tapers off for about an hour.

Marijuana strains also vary in potency, and all offer different levels of high. Always check the packaging of the cannabis flower for the THC percentage. And this helps determine the expected effects from a single puff. Here’s a breakdown of the percentages;

  • 10% and below of flower is considered mild
  • 10-20% is right for casual smokers but string for a beginner
  • 20% is very strong and ideal for users with high tolerance.
  1. Concentrates

Concentrates are highly potent with a high percentage of THC. While the traditional flower has a THC range of 10-25%, concentrates have approximately 50-90% THC levels. They come as pre-filled vapes, or you can consume them as dab rigs. However, dabbing is a more advanced mode of delivery and isn’t good for beginner cannabis users.

  1. Vapes

Vapes are common in most cannabis outlets. Most vape pens are pre-filled with oil and heat the products enabling you to inhale the vapor. Vaporizing offers effects within minutes and peaks after about 30 minutes. Vapes offer a strong high, and you should be careful when trying the products as a beginner. It’s also important to check the vape percentage before consumption. For best results, take one pull and wait for 15 minutes. This gives you an idea of the effects of the potency.

  1. Edibles

Edibles are food products available in most Weed Dispensaries. They are ingested rather than inhaled and take longer to offer the desired effects. It may take 30 minutes to about an hour before the effects kick in, but the effects last hours depending on the dosage. Here are dosages to consider;

  • 1-2 mg THC is ideal for beginners
  • 2-5 mg THC is a low dose
  • 5-10 mg THC is an average range for casual users
  • 10-50 mg THC is strong and ideal for experienced users
  • 50 mg THC is very strong and is ideal for medical users
  1. Tinctures

Tinctures are administered sublingually and are absorbed into your blood vessels in the mouth. They work like edibles and take longer to show the effects. Exercise the same caution as with edibles when using tinctures. Begin with a THC dosage of 2 mg and increase it gradually by 1 mg after every 24 hours until you get your ideal dose.

Final thoughts

All weed products come in varying THC percentages. To determine the right dose for you, start with small doses and increase this gradually until you get the desired effects. Other factors like weight, sex and genetics may also affect your experience.