For centuries, beauty and self-care have been a hot topic amongst women and men and while firmly settling in the 21st century, we can see many beauty trends finding their ways back into the wellness circuit, making breakthroughs even in the recent times.

What’s the big deal about jade rollers?

Many believe that jade rollers don’t work, well, sorry to break it to those individuals but if you’re not dedicated enough to use a jade-roller, it’s not going to happen to show the results that you want.

Based on what we’ve read, the idea of a jade roller had first transpired in ancient China, almost around the 7th century BCE. The ladies of the imperial court not only endorsed the paint-roller style jade crystal rollers, but they also had other facial rollers and sculpting tools made from other rough gems apart from jade that they’ll include in their skincare routine. But as history has shown us, jade rollers were considered the most inexpensive and effective crystal that is known to incite plenty of skin-rectifying benefits.

Decoding Jade-rollers

We’ve had A-list celebs, supermodels, beauty moguls, and social media influencers explaining on their respective feeds about how much more they’ve all benefited from using jade-rollers

than using any other face massager products. It can’t all be a hoax. We’ve had doctors and cosmetic specialists telling us how the rollers work, so better read up and consult the right person sister! Because you can’t blame the roller that it’s not working while you chill on your sofa with a can of cookie dough.

And that’s why we’re here discussing adding jade rollers to your daily skincare routine because some of us don’t hesitate from trying out things, especially if other people haven’t made up their minds about it and give out confusing advice.

7 Reasons why we need to add Jade-rollers to our skincare routine

  1. It will help improve blood flow and boost collagen synthesis

When using the jade-roller to massage your face, the pressure exerted on your dermis is gentle and yet it is effective enough to help stimulate blood flow. With promoted circulation, your skin is supposed to attain a natural glow due to proper oxygen flow to your skin cells and blood vessels.

  1. It will help in better absorption of skincare products

A jade-stone massage roller can help improve the infusion of your preferred skincare product into the deeper layers of your skin. Known to increase absorption by 30%, using jade stone rollers for massage therapy using a serum or when using the roller over any skincare sheer mask.

  1. It allows your skin to recuperate

Jade crystals have long been associated with tranquility and calm, and so it’s no surprise that jade stone rollers are also known to help reduce stress. And the best thing about jade rollers is that they are completely free of any chemicals, just pure polished rock. And so many dermatologists may also suggest that using a jade roller can reduce the signs of acne as well.

  1. It helps shrink enlarged pores and improves elasticity

Considered to be an essential anti-aging face roller, jade stone therapy is actually a thing! Many ladies have reviewed that this massage roller actually has helped them to nullify the tell-tale signs of aging. The expansion of your skin pores is one. A cold jade roller can help decrease the size of such enlarged pores and the circulation also helps boost your skin’s overall elasticity and texture.

  1. It helps relax and tone facial muscles

There are 42 individual muscles in your face only. And unfortunately, we tend to put them through the stress that we don’t bother to massage out. This ultimately leads to sporting wrinkles and fine lines, especially around=d your eyes, mouth and forehead. Massaging one’s face with a jade stone roller instantly helps to iron output the creases and also helps shape your jawline and cheekbones. It also helps to relieve chronic fatigue, aids in combating depression, insomnia, chronic pain, etc.

  1. It helps prevent fluid retention & under-eye puffiness

The facial massage roller is cool in touch by default. Therefore it imparts the right kind of sensitivity when massaging your face. It can help you decrease the effects of jet lag or women living in post-pregnancy, they can also use it to reduce water retention in their facial muscles. Indisputably, the jade roller helps reduce under-eye puffiness which is caused by not getting enough sleep, traveling, not eating properly, etc.

  1. It will help detoxify and aids lymphatic drainage

Science as well as some beauticians state that stimulating your muscles to incite proper lymphatic drainage can help you manifold. Daily massages with jadestone rollers help cleanse stagnant waste products, bacteria, and other impurities at a cellular level. It helps reduce inflammation and redness of your skin as well as combats the symptoms of fibromyalgia, allergies, acne, and other skin conditions.

The final verdict

To be honest, if you’re still deciding whether or not buying a jade roller is a good idea, our advice would be to go for it. Because the advantages of giving yourself a face massage is the real deal. And if you’re already sitting at home with a new jade roller, better to bust it out with daily massages twice every day. And your skin will definitely be looking better than it did before and that’s a fact.