Not every kind of drug is created equally. Thus some drugs are more addictive comparing to other drugs. The different drug addictions which are abused mostly are the following:

  • Heroin

Heroin is a type of opioid and is very highly addictive. The utilization of heroin can result in a person having psychosis, seizures, and even hallucinations. After injection of heroin, there is a chance of spreading diseases like hepatitis and HIV.

Heroin can do such a level of harm by interfering with receptors in the brain. Thus it can result in the user being dependent very quickly on the substance.

  • Cocaine

It is a very dangerous stimulant even when cocaine is taken in tiny doses. This can result in inducing euphoria, accelerating the heart rate, and also raising blood pressure. This can also result in heart attacks and fatal strokes.

Since cocaine is so addictive, people using it get willing to let any facet of their lives go just for getting more of the drug. Thus this can lead to many legal, financial, and physical issues.

  • Crack

It is a form of cocaine that is very potent. People smoke this drug for taking an intense and short euphoric sensation. Since crack is relatively cheap, the rates of abuse of crack are quite high. Crack can lead to addiction immediately.

  • Hallucinogens

LSD and PCP are termed as hallucinogens. This means that these substances can make people hear, see, and feel things that are not real. When people get high on these substances, they start losing touch, which the reality and disconnect from their mental state. This leads to illusions that their bodies and minds are not working or connected.

  • Amphetamines

These substances are known for increasing both the mind and body ability. These drugs are also known for leading their users in experiencing distress periods of manic. These periods are mostly accompanied by inexplicable behavior, delusions, and even extreme paranoia.

  • Marijuana

The most common form of drug abuse is the most inaccessible one—this one reason why these substances are most common of the illegal drug used today. Marijuana is accessible very quickly, and people also don’t term it as being addictive.

  • Alcohol

Another type of drug which is quite common due to how easy it is accessible is alcohol. Abusing alcohol can lead to physical, psychological, and also a lot of social problems. This can also lead to the destruction of marriages, friendships, and relationships.

Many alcohol abusers drink in such a lot of amount that their bodies are unable to handle it. This results in some getting sent to the hospital for receiving treatments for poisoning.

  • Inhalants

People breathe these drugs through their nose for getting high. Other types of drug abuse, including inhalants, are spray paint, nitrous oxide, and butane. Numbness and euphoria sensation can happen when a person smells in inhalants. These feelings are brief, and thus people need to smell them to upkeep the effect of euphoria repeatedly.

Prescription Drugs

Among different drug addiction types, this is a bit uncommon though there is the most abused form of drugs. Any medication prescribed by doctors as medicine can be treated as a prescription drug. But some of these drugs are addictive and can lead to health hazards when taken excessively.

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